Ewig was founded based on the eternally, forever, everlasting, timeless and unending in German,




Good Quality

Where “Time” and “quality” is the essence on assisting our customers to launch their product in timely fashion on gaining their dominant position in the market place, Ewig’s long term goal is to being able to continuously establish a more efficient chain of communication and project management scheme to help customer shorten their project development cycles with maintaining excellent quality with our deliverable. We will continuously investing heavily on manufacturing and automation equipment to improve our facility

Ewig will continuously being “Innovative” by applying the latest technology with inviting our suppliers to participate our development process in order to make sure the product we deliver be most affordable with most ergonomic processes. We encourage our supplier by providing us more constructive and cost competitive input with incentive scheme with profit sharing.

In order to achieve the above management policy, our company’s top management will establish the annual objectives and targets through the framework of “Management for Results”. This management policy, objectives and targets are reviewed quarterly and diagnosed annually.


EWIG has become one of the largest manufacturers of consumer & industrial electronics in the
world. Behind our success is our commitment to quality, value, technology along with broad
diversification of product range.