4 Yamaha lines
2 Juki lines

SMT Line

Package on Packing

700mm x 460mm

Max PCB size

Acqueous Cleaning

Min ball pitch 0.4mm,
Ball dimension 0.15mm,

BGA, Micro-BGA , CSP, Flip Chip

Min 0.05mm

Fine pitch IC

Positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm,
Pick and place DIE speed: <0.32s,
X/Y axis accuracy: ±0.038mm,
Total Capacity up to 1.36 million dies per month,

Precision Die Bonder AB530

Speed : 130ms,
Repeatability : +/- 0.5mil,
Pad Size: 63um, Pad Pitch : 68um,
Wire Diameter : 0.8 – 1.5mil,
AB520 – 17 sets,
AB530 – 9 sets, AB559 – 1 set,
Total Capacity up to 1.6 million,
wires per month ( 11 Hrs per shift ),

Wire Bonding

Wave Soldering , Selective Soldering,
Existing reflow oven ( FLW-VP1060)
can extend N2 function if necessary,

Nitrogen Protection

Auto Epoxy Coating Machine,
Epoxy accuracy: ±0.05mm,
X/Y axis accuracy: ±0.02mm,
Positioning speed: <1s,


4.8 Million Chips per month

Surface Mount Capacity

Fully automatic
laser eraser for PCB

Laser Trimming

Class 10,000 clean room
for Assembly. Clean room
facility for die-attach
and die bonding.

Clean Rooms

6*6 mil – 50*50mil

Die Size

Min ball pitch 0.4mm,
Ball dimension 0.15mm,

BGA, Micro-BGA , CSP, Flip Chip

AOI , 2D X-Ray, Off line
solder paste thickness
inspection machine,

Inspection machine

PCB routing depanelizing machine

PCB width : 50 -350 mm,
3 preheating zone and dual solder wave,
Up to temperature: 300 ℃,
Applicable with N2 process,
component height : Top 120mm ; Bottom 15 mm,

Wave soldering

Max solder wave height : 5mm,
Max solder temperature : 320 ℃,
Position accuracy : +/- 0.15mm,
Dual solder pot for highest flexible, wave height
monitored available. PCB size : 510 mm * 450 mm,

Selective soldering