Ewig has 35 years of experiences on developing products from a basic concept to finished product along with packaging. Customer can simply feed us a concept with describing the need, market position of the product with value proposition of the product and Ewig can manage the rest with the project progression.

Our experienced project team and engineering team will phase in from the early stage of the project to mass production, our services covers the following,

  1. Product rendering based upon our customer’s description.
  2. Mechanical Design.
  3. App Design and Software Implementation (IOS and Android)
  4. Hardware and Software design and Implementation.
  5. Product Prototyping
  6. Facilitate our devices on connecting to our customer’s cloud.
  7. Facilitate customer with their cloud set up.
  1. Design for manufacturing services
  2. Product and type approval.
  3. Supply Chain Management.
  4. Product Environmental Testing.
  5. Automatic Test equipment Design
  6. Packaging Design meeting our customer’ requirement.

On top of that, we also have dedicated production and quality team to ensure and help our customer to match the quality and safety requirement needed to be fulfilled with different countries in the world.